Alinda Leros

alindaAlinda is located in the center of the bay of Aghia Marina (bay of Alinda) and is today the most developed tourist area of ​​the island, with the greatest concentration of modern bathing and tourist facilities. The landscape is dominated by pines, olive trees and the large sandy beach with crystal clear sea.

The Beleni Tower, an elegant manor, restored with particular care, houses the Folklore and Historical Museum. There is a library, a Printing Museum and a painting room in the courtyard of which great cultural events are organized.

Also important from a historical point of view is the Albergo Comunale, the first hotel on the island. In its enclosure the Sanctuary of the early Christian Church of the Madonna (Panaghia) Galatiani was found, with mosaics of extraordinary beauty.

In the surrounding area there are numerous churches, among which the largest is the basilica of the Aghii Saranda. Very close to Alinda is Krifos, an idyllic little beach, hidden among the rocks, which is only accessible by boat.

A source of frozen water gushes from the seabed. Above Crifos stands Clidi, the highest mountain in Leros. The blue waters of the Gulf of Alinda are suitable for any type of nautical sport.

Since the beginning of the last century, the area had been chosen by the Lerians of Egypt for the construction of neoclassical villas, thanks to its fantastic natural beauty and its healthy climate, which are still present today.

In recent years the village, for these reasons, but also because it offers one of the best bathing establishments, is the most coveted place for the construction of holiday homes, both by the locals, but also by tourists from other parts of Greece and by foreign tourists.

Alinda has the typical shape of the seaside tourist areas of the town: in fact, all the services (restaurants – clubs – shops) are concentrated along the coastal road axis. The area is coastal, and covers almost the entire bay of the same name.