Leros beaches

Discover the beaches of Leros

leros beachesThe enchanting beaches in Leros are not few. However, it should be noted that most of them are pebbles and as always the best ones are difficult to reach, preferably by gulet from Alinda or Lakki, always at a taxi price.

It is always worth checking the marinas to see the proposed excursions. The islanders never waste time visiting Blefoutis beach, and obviously all those in Alinda bay, where the water is so inviting that few will be able to resist a swim.

Warm up, after the short walk, it will be better to dive in for a bath. The choice, on the other hand, is wide, the coves offer quiet beaches protected by tamarisks not yet overrun by umbrellas and the string of villages guarantees delicious stops in the taverns for tasty snacks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the soft local goat cheese. For those who are not afraid of the heat, there is also a network of paths along which to pass from one coast to another.

The only noises that will follow you are those of the very noisy cicadas. Tradition has it that Artemis, the goddess of hunting, was born on this island. Sitting at sunset in a bar in Agia Marina, while the light plays on the sea, it becomes easy to believe that this is all true.

Alinda Beach

Alinda Beach is located 3 km northwest of Agia Marina and is the longest beach in Leros. It is also one of the most organized beaches with rentals and several taverns.

The beach is located a few steps away from the town and guarantees the caress of white sand and crystal clear waters. Not far away there are trees for a bit of shade and rest lulled by the sound of cicadas. Alinda  beach is close to the tourist center, it takes a few minutes’ walk to reach it. It features soft sand and crystal clear water.

! The pine trees extend around the sandy coast creating shady areas where those who prefer contact with nature decide to take shelter from the sun! For those who prefer to avoid the crowds there are small and quiet sandy coves around the main beach, such as the romantic little beach of Krifo! So you can enjoy relaxation to the fullest! For those seeking peace at the ends of the beach there are some relaxing coves such as the romantic beach of Krifos.


Panteli beach

Panteli beach is located on the east coast of the island of Leros. Right at the foot of the village of Platanos is one of the most beautiful and picturesque fishing village.

The cute beach of Panteli is a quiet but popular place and can get crowded on some days. Boats and yachts arrive here every day, to be able to admire the beauty of this small bay even from the sea and enjoy the comforts that Panteli offers!

This place is equipped with everything: there are restaurants where you can enjoy excellent fish or good Greek food, cafes where you can taste Greek coffee or munch on some snacks and pubs where you can drink whatever you want and spend time in the company of the local people.


Vromolithos Beach

Vromolithos is a beautiful cove not too far from the village of Pandeli. Over the last few years, it has developed considerably and now there are many rental houses, cottages and small hotels.

However, the beach has kept its relaxed and pleasant style even though there is no shortage of sunbeds and umbrellas. The southern and northern parts of the beach offer sand, while in the center there are pebbles.
There are also some tavernas for those who love to have a snack near the sea.

Vromolithos beach

Xirokambos Beach

Xirokambos Beach is located 9 km southeast of Agia Marina and 3 km from the natural port of Lakki. The characteristic is the presence of a coast that falls with some caves and the transparent purity of the water.

The water is so crystal clear that you can see some points located 45 meters deep. Xirokambos also offers a large scuba diving area extending from Cape Soumari to Cape Mavros Kavos.

At the end of the beach is the chapel of Panagia Kavouradena and Paleokastro where travelers can visit the ruins of the ancient castle. There are also many tavernas nearby and a camping site that is always quite busy.


Gourna beach

Gourna beach is located 7 km west of Platanos, the capital of the island of Leros, in the homonymous village. It is a wide beach, one of the longest on the island!It is a less developed area than the areas on the east coast. Maybe that’s why it’s great for relaxing!
It has dark sand and a crystal clear, clean and shallow sea, which makes it ideal for families with children.

Gourna beach offers tavernas and accommodation in the center of the village! A few kilometers northwest of Gourna is the small church of Agios Isidoros, it is located on a small rock about 50 meters above sea level. It can be reached via the narrow bridge seen from the beach.

gurna beach

Dio Liskaria beach

Dio Liskaria beach is located just after Alinda beach, on the east coast of the island of Leros.
To get there, just cross the entire Alinda beach, at the end of this you will find yourself in front of the small bay.

Dio Liskaria beach is very beautiful, it features pebbles along with clear, clean and crystalline water that will make you want to jump in instantly.
In some areas of the beach there are slippery rocks under water which can make it difficult to enter the sea, but underwater walkways were created by the Greeks themselves to guarantee you a smooth and slippery entry!

This small bay is very well equipped, in fact it offers: umbrellas and sunbeds, a beach bar and a restaurant.
Beach parties are often organized here, in fact it is very popular with young people, who have great fun in these parties!
But despite this, the beach is ideal for all ages thanks to the comforts it presents.


Blefoutis beach

Blefoutis beach is located on the northern coast of the island of Leros. This sandy beach is very picturesque and calm, great for those who want to relax! It is surrounded by tamarisk trees that give an atmosphere of peace and nature.
In fact it is one of the quietest beaches in Leros.

The waters are crystal clear and turquoise with areas of deep blue, in short, spectacular! Also here you will be sheltered from the wind!

This bay features a memorial to the Second World War.
This is a large machine gun that you will find by walking down a bit where you will find an area that is considered the second part of the beach.
On the beach of Blefoutis there are facilities and a large and good restaurant serving fresh fish.


Gournes beach

Gournes beach is located on the northwest coast of the island of Leros. It is a long beach that is little known and consequently little frequented.
It has a shallow seabed for several meters, therefore ideal for children! With crystal clear water and sand on which swaths of green grow!

Umbrellas and deck chairs are free on Gournes beach thanks to the cute tavern! Where you can go to taste some good Greek or fish dishes, we suggest you do so given the goodness and freshness of the fish! Or you can simply have a drink while munching on a snack! It is a very nice place to relax after a good swim and the staff are very friendly and kind! Stay here until evening to admire the beautiful sunset! You will not regret it!