Leros daytrips and boat tours

Leros daytrips and excurtions

There are many smaller islands near Leros and their beauty is an excelent idea for a day trip by boat. Also  the fact that they are many and close to Leros, if you are based on one island, you can visit several by taking one-day boat trips, starting from Leros to visit these other islands too


Aspronisia consist of  two uninhabited islets that are located near the coasts of Lipsi, north of Leros. This trip is a must because the water is simply incredible! At the closest point between the two islets, the water is shallow and takes on Caribbean colors.

The only flaw is that you will have to be lucky to avoid meeting the boats full of people who come here to swim. Fortunately, they come and go quickly, so with a little patience, you can have this paradise all to yourself (clearly if you have hired a private boat). 



The island of Lipsi can be visited together with Aspronisi, because they are very close. Moving by boat, you should dock at this beach and eventually reach the main village on foot (it takes about 20-25 minutes). On the beach there is a very popular and very nice hipster restaurant, the Dilail).


The island of Archangelos is very close to the north coast of Leros, and is right in front of the Partheni bay, where the Leros airport is also located. It is a rocky island, inhabited only by the family who runs the Taverna Stigma, open all year for fishermen and sailors.

The beach below the tavern is very beautiful and very sheltered, being in the channel that separates Archangelos from Leros. If you don’t have a boat and want to come and spend a few hours on the island and have lunch at Stigma’s, the tavern organizes transfers from Partheni.



There is something about this island that seems to emanate serenity and tranquility. A sensation that is perceived on the skin, like “vitamin D” from the Greek sun. Often and gladly the tourists who frequent it no longer want to leave but to stay and enjoy this isolated paradise.

Only two families live here in true Greek style and there are of course two tavernas! A small ruined church that sits at the top of the hill. An anecdote explains that some many people went up here to greet the Sun God with bottles of wine to celebrate him, and take the most spectacular sunset photos!