Ferries to Leros

Leros ferry connections and schedules

leros-ferriesThinking of taking the ferry between Leros to Piraeus and the other Aegean islans ? Would you like information on the crossing?
The main ferry companies that connects Leros with the rest of the Dodecanese are the Bluestar ferries and the catamarans of the Dodekanisos Seaways

Sailing on a ferry to Leros is one of the most beautiful ways to reach the island and discover its towns and its surroundings.

Unlike other modes of transport, the holidays begin as soon as you board where you take full advantage of the facilities offered by  Dodekanisos Seaways  and Blue Star Ferries.

If you’ve never taken the ferry, it’s hard to imagine a day at sea between Leros and the port of Piraeus Athens. We therefore want to make you live this unique experience of traveling, from embarkation to disembarkation in order to make your sea travel you more easily. .

Advandages of Ferry travel

leros-catamaransLong car journeys are tiring and require constant vigilance when it comes to driving. The Leros Athens ferry trip is the opposite! On board, depending on the Blue Star Ferry in service, or the Catamaran of Dodekanisos seaways, everything is done for you.

Rest in the calm of lounges with comfortable reclining seats, to leave you time for yourself, to bask on the outside decks, to entertain you and take some pleasure. It is certain that you will start your vacation in Athens already rested.

Take unlimited baggage onboard

One bag free, all others chargeable. This is often the formula used when we travel with other modes of transport, which very often leads to a significant increase in the bill.

However, when you embark in Leros aboard a Blue Star Ferries ferry, you have the freedom to take as much luggage as you want, as long as they are contained in your vehicle.

Foot passengers

If you are traveling as a foot passenger the conditions may be more restrictive as you will have to keep your luggage with you until arrival to your destination. However, it would be interesting to ask the staff of the ferry if the boat has a luggage room to leave your suitcases there until Athens.

Take the time to travel

It is well known, we are in a society where everything must go quickly, always faster. Sailing at less than 40km/h aboard a Blue Star Ferries ferry over the 292 km between Leros and Athens will be a relaxing stopover. All boats are equipped with a multitude of services (bar, restaurants, lounges, entertainment, etc.). It is not excluded that you have the impression of arriving too quickly in Athens as the experience is so pleasant!

Ready for boarding

Before the ferry trip begins, here are the few steps to board:
Arrival time at the port of Leros: You must arrive at the port of Leros sufficiently in advance. Check this delay with your Blue Star Ferries company. After this time, your reservation is no longer guaranteed.
Check-in for the Leros Athens crossing: In Leros, present your ticket at the Leros ferry terminal in Lakki.

By car, the process is the same but is done directly from the boarding queues. You stay in your vehicle. Boarding the ship for Athens: Information messages are broadcast in the ferry terminal of Leros to invite you to board. If you are traveling by car,the staff will give you instructions on how to board and park your vehicle on the ship.

Life onboard a ferry crossing

Onboard modern ferries, there is something for everyone. Some will want to relax in one of the lounges with reclining seats, others will want to make the most of all the services offered on board or simply the view of the sea from the deck of the ship.


Finally, you will find some information for the arrival of the boat in the port of Piraeus. You will be allowed to access the garage only when the boat is moored. So no need to rush. It is better to wait on the outer decks to see the ferry maneuvering in the port of PiraeusYou get your car out of the ferry’s huge garage relatively quickly, once the doors are open. As a pedestrian, you will get out even faster.