How to get to Leros

Getting to Leros

leros-airportLeros has an Airport at Partheni which connects daily the island with Athens Greece the Capital city of Greece. Leros island has also daily connections by ferry boats and hydrofoils to Piraeus and most of the Greek islands of Dodecanese. There are weekly connection as well with some of the islands of the Cyclades

Ferries aproaching Leros in one of the two ports of the island: Agia Marina on the north east coast and Lakki on the west south coast. The port may also vary according to weather conditions and it is always advisable to check the port of reference at the time of booking and departure.

Fast catamarans call on the island on the route between Kos, Kalymnos, Patmos, Samos and Rhodes. So you could arrive on the island with a direct flight to Kos or Rhodes, and from one of the two islands take the catamaran to Leros.

Or you can leave from the port of Piraeus. Then after landing, reach the port of Piraeus from the Athens airport and from there embark for Leros for a rather long journey, about 9 hours.

One of the two best ways to get to Leros is to buy a flight to Kos. From Kos to Leros there are ferries both from Kos Town and from the port of Mastichari, which is closer to the airport, but only in summer.
The second best way to reach Leros is to choose one of the many flights to Athens from our Italian cities
From Athens to Leros you can opt for the internal flight or for the longer transfer by ship, direct from Piraeus. Leros can also be reached by hydrofoil from a good selection of nearby islands, including Rhodes and Samos.

The easiest and fastest way to reach Leros is definitely by plane: from the major Italian cities there are many low-cost airlines that offer a flight to Athens, from where the small plane then leaves for Leros airport. However, this plane is often complete, and to have a good chance of finding a seat, it is certainly advisable to book well in advance.

One flight, at most two a day during the summer, is the maximum that can be found from Athens to Leros, and it will be necessary to consider the hypothesis of having to spend at least one night in Athens. An excellent opportunity to visit this city so rich in important historical, artistic and architectural attractions.

The combined journey by air and ship is longer, but without interruptions. Once you have disembarked at the Athens airport by subway or a scheduled bus, you will reach the port of Piraeus (at least an hour’s journey) from where you can find a place on the ships that depart, every other day, in the direction of Leros.

Among the companies that offer the service the Blue Star Ferries, with the Athens Rhodes route, and, during the summer season, the Anek Lines, cheaper but traveling more slowly. Attention! Especially in the Easter period, and in the heart of the high season it is possible that the ship is also full, to the point that it can no longer embark passengers, even those who travel only with the bridge passage.