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Panteli the most beautiful place of Leros


Once you arrive in Panteli you feel at home, the locals keep living in harmony with the summer tourist crowds and will always say good morning wherever you meet them, very often they might invite you for a glass of ouzo or retsina in the cafe or just for good company.

Small taverns and cafes next to the sea, fishing boats next to luxury yachts, fishermen weaving their nets or baiting their lines.This welcoming mentality is present throughout Greece and the Greek islands and is to some extent one of the main factors that attracts tourism to Greece, apart from the sunshine and the ideal Mediterranean climate.

You will go to Panteli for swimming and food. From early on, the shops open their tables on the beach and wait for their customers. if you like fishing with a kite or fishing line from the beach you will catch plenty of carp, carp and if you are good maybe even some sea bass or bream.