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Platanos the main town of Leros

platanosPlatanos It is the traditional main village of the island of Leros, nowadays, it has practically completely merged with Agia Marina, the current capital of Léros. Platanos has many traditional two storied housesthat  have been preserved, and amongst them are many distinguished houses, which have been built very close to each other and so have created picturesque small narrow streets.

These entice the visitor to walk through them, and experience the nostalgic atmosphere of the old town, the old windmill or the “Avlaki” with its taps bringing pure water from the springs of Paliaskloupi.

The town hall is housed in two neoclassical buildings and next to it, is a genuine traditional café the “Leriaki Leshi”, one of the few which have been preserved nowadays.

Platanos is home to the biggest market on the island.  A beautiful small hospitable town which has a lot to offer the visitor from modern shops for all of your purchases to the enchanting view from the famous castle of Panagia or Panteli Castle.