What to see in Leros

Sights and attractions to see in Leros

what to see in lerosAmong the most important sights to see in Leros, there are certainly the remains and testimonies of the most remote past of the island, which although today remain in small fragments and traces, still make the beauty and charm of this small island evident to the visitor’s eyes.

Leros the small island of the Dodecanese, a few nautical miles from Rhodes and Kos, perhaps is one of the most famous destinations of this stretch of the Aegean Sea.

Among the oldest remains in Xirokampos, in the south of the island, the ancient Paliokastro, built over the remains of an ancient acropolis dating back more than 2500 years ago, and around which the remains of ancient fortifications can still be seen probably from the Mycenaean period.

But the monument that stands out the most, also for its isolated position on one of the highest peaks of the island and dominating the village of Agia Marina and Platanos is the Kastro, built around the eleventh century and remodeled several times over the centuries. .

The visit includes the high walls that overlook the sea and contemplate the island almost in its entirety, and inside these the Panagia Tou Kastro church, built in the 17th century and still today an important religious destination for the islanders.

Other monuments of interest include the ancient churches scattered around the island, Panagia Gourlomata in Drimonas, one of the most interesting bays on the island, dating back to the twelfth century, the churches of the Agioi Apostoli and Agios Petros, both from the 14th century, the Church of St George in the far north of the island, in Partheni, with valuable sacred frescoes inside.

Precious and recently renovated the church dedicated to St John Theologian dating back to the 10th century, which preserves important sacred frescoes dedicated to St Mary of Egypt and other saints, and which for many is the most important example of religious architecture. important and valuable parts of the Aegean Sea.

There are also not a few tourists and visitors who linger in the small promenade of Lakki to admire the palaces of Italian architecture, built here in the mid-1930s and considered by many architects and experts to be one of the most precious and best examples. preserved of the Italian “colonial” architecture.

Panagia Kavouradaina

South of Lakki opens the bay of Xirokampos, an asphalt road leads to the small church “Panagia Kavouradaina” built in a rock hollow near the sea.

War Museum

You will find it in Merica. It is housed in a real tunnel-hideout in the mountain, a remnant of the war and a memorial of the legendary battle of Leros (26 Sep 1943 – 16 Nov 1943). The museum is open every day.

war museum

The small church of Agios Isidoros

On the western side of the island we find the cove of Gourna with its excellent sandy beach and the small church of Agios Isidoros, built on a dry land in the sea -probably in a place where there was an ancient temple-. The point is one of the most characteristic of Leros.