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Xirokambos Leros

The village of Xirokambos

xirokambos-lerosXirokambos the small coastal village in front of which the gulf of Xirocampos extends, located at the north side of Leros facing the island of Kalymnos.
On the quiet beaches of the area, the guest can take a bath “in complete tranquility”. At the entrance, the islets of Glaronisia seem to protect it, while, at a distance of one nautical mile, the island of Kalymnos extends.

The houses in Xirocampos appear scattered in a small valley filled with olive trees, cypresses, almond trees and flowers. At the bottom of the valley there is a slope of a hill, on the top of which, at a height of 70 m., located Paliocastro or “Cstle of Lepida”, even older than the Castle of Pandeli.

The Paliocastro was built on the ruins of an ancient acropolis, which has existed since 2500 BC. and which flourished during the 4th century BC. The ruins of its walls are still visible today, but also those of an early Christian basilica.