Lakki the main port of Leros

lakkiLakki lthe main port of Leros, located only four kilometers south west of Platanos . It is the biggest natural harbour in the Mediterranean sea. It has modern harbouring facilities and a yacht servicing team. Lakki has a character totally different to the rest of the island, both unusual and extremely impressive.

With its imposing buildings stretching along the coast and built in a peculiar architectural style, Lakki is one of a kind. The roads are wide and there are trees and parks, all planned and created by the Italians in the inter – war years.

The Lerians have preserved these historic buildings, which are today considered as architectural masterpieces of the early twentieth century, unique in the whole of Europe and draw the interest of all the visitors to the island.

A little way out of the town is the temple of Agios Giannis o Theologos. This temple has been standing there from 1000 A.D. and is one of the most noteworthy Byzantine churches, with wonderful mosaics from the eleventh century.

Lakki is particularly tourist developed, with modern shops, hotel complexes, restaurants and bars and clubs.