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Discover the islands of the North East Aegean

The islands of the Northeastern Aegean, marked by history, are living entities of cultural action and expression, with folk events and traditions encountered at every turn.

Each island, with its own uniqueness and intensity, has managed to preserve its local culture and natural environment, offering visitors unique sights, tastes, and scents from bygone eras.

The islands of the Northern Aegean formed the gateway for the union of Asia Minor Hellenism and Greece. Their history stretches back centuries, to when these islands were centers of economic and cultural development.

Lush, unique natural landscapes, traditional settlements, picturesque mountain villages, and the hospitality of the locals create an ideal setting for perfect destinations. Surrounding them, a cluster of small islands, most uninhabited, are a terrestrial paradise.

Unique archaeological and Byzantine monuments inspire admiration and highlight the history and culture of the Northern Aegean islands.

Across all the Northern Aegean islands, you will find beautiful chapels, historic monasteries, and churches connected with legends.

The beaches on the Northern Aegean islands captivate with enchanting shores, vast sandy beaches, pebbled shores, picturesque harbours, and secluded coves with turquoise waters.

The distinctive natural environment and varied landscapes make the Northern Aegean islands stand out, leading visitors on paths of exploration and recreation. Wetlands with rare fauna and flora, sand dunes, waterfalls, lush forests, rugged mountain slopes, and thermal springs are just some of the wonders to enjoy on these islands.

Gastronomy on the Northern Aegean islands is a unique journey of flavours.

Modern ferry services and air connections have made these islands particularly popular destinations in recent decades.

These islands, with their unique attractions and excellent tourist infrastructure, attract numerous Greek and foreign tourists each year who come to enjoy unforgettable holidays.

The Northern Aegean is dominated by the islands: Agios Efstratios, Thymaina, Ikaria, Lesvos, Limnos, Oinousses, Samos, Fourni, Chios, and Psara, each with its own incredible beauty.