Partheni Leros

partheni-lerosPartheni located in the northernmost part of Leros, at a distance of 7 km from the capital of the island. At the area is the bay of the same name with the island of Arcanghelos at the entrance, the temple of Artemis and the airport of Leros.

The small fishing village stretches, like a painting, between a fertile valley and the sea. It is a historical place, known since ancient times. Here it is said that the temple of the Virgin Artemis existed and from which Partheni took its current name.

In the archaeological area of ​​Partheni there are the prehistoric ruins of a small settlement dating back to 3800 BC, and the ruins of another temple, which belong to the Hellenistic period, have recently been discovered.

In the larger area, is the church of Aghios Gergios (10th century AD) built with materials recovered, probably, from the ruins of the temple of Artemis.

Parteni took its name from the temples of Artemis, which existed in ancient times, where the goddess of hunting was worshiped.

The natural beauty of the gulf, the exceptional surrounding environment, and its historicity, constitute the development factors of the village. The merit is also of its proximity to the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Blefuti.